Fast & Reliable Wireless Connections

TCG Solutions’ products ensure that your wireless network is up to date and reliable.

The first step toward getting the perfect fit for you organization? An in depth analysis of current infrastructure running! We’ll work closely with our customers, from initial contact all through implementation process – making sure everything has been thought out beforehand so there aren’t any surprises later down road as this lifesaving service becomes more popular than ever before.

Expert Network Engineers

Wireless Survey

Wireless surveys help to identify optimum locations for mesh nodes and access points so that your company can have an effective coverage area. However, it is important you communicate with us beforehand about what types of networks are being built or if there any limitations on VoIP compatibility due to system requirements since this will facilitate proper assessment during the survey process itself!


We know you have preferences for your wireless network installation project. That’s why we will take those into consideration when drawing up design and building the budget so that everything goes smoothly without being too expensive or sacrificing quality of service!


The installation team takes care of everything, so you don’t have to! They’ll configure your wireless equipment before they install it. This means that we can save time and get right down into business without any hassle or disruption for clients’ daily operations- ensuring their satisfaction with our work in advance.

Managed Services

There are many reasons why your business might need managed services. If you’re experiencing slow speeds or dropped connections, we can help! We’ll install a new wireless network with optimal performance in mind and make any necessary tweaks to ensure top-notch connectivity for all employees – guaranteed service quality every time.

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