Inbox Security

In the modern world, email has become an important form of communication for businesses large and small. In fact it’s responsible not just to send messages but also keep track on files like contracts or sales paperwork that need access at any time from anywhere in your company with only a few clicks!

This is why it’s so important to keep your email safe. There are malicious actors out there who will use any means possible, from spamming you with links that may infect their computer or feeding false information about evacuation orders in case of emergency situations like natural disasters (and then demanding money for access), all the way down to ransomware – where applicable damages happen because of this type-of malware designed specifically target vital systems within computers which hold files necessary for day-to take action either immediately stop victims form working properly; prevent them accessing personal data stored elsewhere.

Avoid Spam and Malicious Attacks


TCG’s Spam Filter is the perfect solution for businesses that want to stay protected without having any extra hardware or software. All you have to do it rely on them – they’ll take care of your inbox from malicious attacks!

Using our cutting edge, patented technology for learning and remembering potential malicious traffic can block them based on emails that were already intercepted. This system learns over time so it will be able to recognize threats more efficiently in future interactions with senders who might try again after being blocked once before without success!

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