Cloud Services

The Cloud philosophy says, “leave that to us the IT people.” That way you can forge ahead with your business confident in knowledge that data and system needs are covered. To meet technology requirements select different levels of service based on what best fits for yours.
When your company has a busy day, wouldn’t you want your computer systems working properly so why not let someone who knows about these things take care?

We all know the importance of data protection. But what if you lost your hard drive? Or it got compromised and was infected with malware, or someone broke in to steal important information from customers who use TCG Solution’s services- like their social security number! With our virtual vault system we can ensure authorized personnel have easy access at any time without worrying about bad actors getting inside – no matter how many layers are put up around them.

Why Use the Cloud?


The Cloud is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s easy to use and has unparalleled security, so you can be confident that your information will never get compromised again – even if disaster strikes!

Your company’s most valuable asset is now safely stored in the cloud. Your data will be uploaded from your physical infrastructure to our secure servers, where it can’t get hacked or damaged by local events like fires and floods for example!

Managed IT Services